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The DollarStockClub is a stock research and development start-up. Our software tracks government trading and contracts and send alerts to your phone every morning. We have quickly become an extremely valuable asset to the stock community and have become a reliable source of information. Since June, our government alerts have proved very beneficial, ammasing a 75% win rate!

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  • Damian Mann

    I cannot believe that this service is only $10. I rode their 14 day green streak and made 76% on my small portfolio in November.

  • Daniel Lewis

    Tracking the government is probably the best way to consistenly make money. This service is great for keeping you updated with large govenment trades. 100% worth even $80 a month.

  • Ricky Medina

    Super great service! Made my $10 investment back in a day. The fact that they had 4 trades in one day and they were all over 12% returns is mind blowing.

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May Alerts

We had a fantastic month in May! With all of the volatility in the market, it was refreshing to see consistently profitable days!

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